Renewable Power Plants

We develop power plants based on renewable sources of energy.

Especially in Africa, lots of resources are unexplored. Sun, Wind and Bioenergy are available plentiful. 


Unfortunately solar power is relatively expensive and due to limited availability of the sun, there is most of the times no economical sense in implementing. But solar power is easy to implement and available all over the world.


Wind power is better and there are quite promising sites and projects exploring this source of energy. But the problem with wind power is, that the energy source is usually not near developed areas. It has become a huge problem to transport the energy, not only in less developed regions of this world but also in highly developed countries like Germany.


Bioenergy would fill this gap since it is less expensive to implement (at least for basic growth and oil production), flexible in location since it needs good but no direct, intense sun light. Unfortunately, bioenergy is well researched but somehow lacks the economic exploitation and is therefore difficult to implement. Though, promising projects are under way to make the technology more widespread available.


Most ecologically and economically feasible would be waste-to-energy. Not only the source is cheap (the world will produce enough garbage that even our grandchildren can still utilize it) but conversion to usable energy is highly efficient and flexible. Not only electrical power can be generated from the generated syngas, but the gas can also be further processed to produce fuel or even plastic.


Really fantastic of all is, that the world is suffocating in garbage and waste-to-energy would contribute to convert those toxic piles into usable products. A handicap to waste-to-energy is that technology is not only scarce, but expensive and not widely accepted - even in the developed world.


MV International Consulting Ltd. is supporting these energy projects through research, basic ground studies and EPC services.

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