Project Financing

During our work we have established an international network of project developers, financiers and investors.

There are numerous options for financing projects. Before blindly asking for funds the developer has to do a lot of homework:


- Project Proposal


Every funder wants to know what is happening with his money. Not only does he get a precise picture of what is invests into, he also gets an impression if the developer has done proper research. Therefore, it is crucial to invest some time and effort into the project proposal. First impression counts!


- Finance Plan


Lots of projects are nice to look at. Some project managers like ourselves are choosy about the nature of the projects. But - bottom line - every investor wants to know when he gets his investment back and how much profit is to be generated. While many investors are still OK with a basic finance structure, the bankers are especially keen on the finance plan.


MV International Consulting Ltd. is able to provide expertise on technical issues as well as financial issues!

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